Business Build - Her Master Class

The Master Class gives you a 360 degree approach to strategies and systems to build a better business. The Business Build-Her perspective offers a detailed look into your business knowledge, strategy, skill and systems giving a customized solution to get results.


  • Course #1 Leadership Development
  • Course #2 Personal and Professional Goal Setting
  • Course #3 Business Action Planning
  • Course #4 Brand Development
  • Course #5 Sales Strategies
  • Course #6 Customer Experience
  • Course #7 Financial Management Systems
  • Course #8 Tools, Technology & Time Management
  • Course #9 Hiring & Training (HR)
  • Course #10 Bonus download 100 Tips, Ideas & Inspiration.

Join the Wise Chick Professional Network and enjoy Master Class and other benefits for just $29 per month. The Business Build - Her Master Class LIVE session is open to members and is held on 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month from noon - 1:00pm at the Wise Chick offices and training centerĀ 55 S. Main Street, Suite 363, Naperville, IL.

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