Don't Be a Commodity - Be an Experience

Technology has changed the way we do most everything, including the way we shop for products and services. In most cases customers can research their purchase, online at the drop of a hat and buy the same product or service from many sources, at other stores or online.

The laws of supply and demand are amplified and the consumer's mindset has turned a product or service into a commodity.

This change of perspective has changed the way we service our customers, even for the small business or solopreneur.

High profile company's have known this strategy for years; Nordstrom and The Four Season Hotel have built their reputation on creating personalized services and making their consumers feel like they are VIP.

In this module you'll learn;

* How to create your VIP experience

* To rate your current customer experience and create a plan for change

* How to get more referrals

Customer are no longer buying products and services, they are buying an experience that makes them feel like a VIP.

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