Brand Intelligence Strategy

The objective of the Brand Intelligence Strategy is to bring your brand off the page, out of the computer and into the lives of your ideal consumer in a fully engaged, fully automated surround sound system. Connecting the right customers using the right message, at the right time in the right place is branding perfection.

This doesn’t happen by chance, its happens by choice. By gathering data every step of the way, we have the ability to know and understand your prospects and customers and their behaviors, giving you strategic information. By applying brand intelligence and other business data uncovered from your brand analysis, we will create a tailored strategy focused on your specific goals and objectives.


Marketing Automation System Implementation                                                       

Now just imagine, the ideal message, shared with a targeted audience in an automated system, giving you more time to focus on other money making areas of your business.

Our marketing automation platform allows you to personalize your message and responses using a tailored system to leverage and optimize every opportunity. From social media platforms, email response marketing, e-news automation to name just a few.

Marketing Automation Management

Management is key to the success of any system. Tracking marketing response rates, click history details, branding activity and making strategic alterations gives us even more brand intelligence we can use to pinpoint where and how dollars should be spent to achieve your goals and objectives.

Marketing Resources

Wise Chick and its affiliates offer a full service marketing platform to engage and connect in all forms of brand marketing, advertising and public relations.

Money Back Guarantee

Wise Chick gets results. We will refund your money if we do not achieve your stated goals. To qualify for a refund, you must have engaged in the complete Brand Intelligence package. You must have completed all required data gathering details, attended all meetings scheduled and engage in full implementation as noted in your discovery, strategy, implementation and management details.

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