What is Brand Development?

Think about the brands you use everyday. How do they make you feel?

Let's use Apple as an example; We can agree, their name and icon has little to do with the world of technology. We can also agree they deliver the highest quality technology consistently and have created a level of trust and loyalty.

They have created a way of thinking that changed an entire world; an entire product line and an environment you didn't even know you needed, until the day they launched their product. People stand in line for hours and spend thousands of dollars to get their latest and greatest creation.

This is an effective brand. And everything they do speaks clearly to their ideal audience; a busy person, with disposable income, focused on time, quality of life and speaks to their personal ego.

Their visual message including the appearance of the Apple store is bright, clean lines, creating a feeling of transparency, making it clear you can trust and depend on them - they will deliver.

This is brand building - its the layering of creating a desire, an emotional need, a visual appeal and an unspoken message that makes your ideal customer feel they can hardly live without you.

When you think about your brand? What do you want people to think, feel, do or say? What emotional connection can you create that makes you hard to live without.

In this module you will;

* Identify your competition as a resource to create and build your brand

* Define your brand gap and how to fill it with an appealing brand culture

* Define your brand value, message and focus

* Define your ideal client demographics and how to learn more about them

* Create a marketing outline to build and grow your brand appeal, recognition and make it stand out

Maybe your brand is the next "Apple".

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