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    How to Build a Business That Will Last

    Dear Wise Chicks, I wanted to share with you what I’ve found to have the greatest impact in the transformation to a successful business; FOCUS. Clearly define your company’s vision and values and align them with yours. Post your mission statement for all to see, including you. Each time a decision needs to be made go back to your vision and values. Establish strong financial controls. Doing so produces a solid foundation to grow on and reduces the risk of failure. Knowing your [...]
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    Focus on One Goal Until Complete

    I’ll admit staying focused is more of a challenge than ever. But here are few key action steps I use to achieve my big picture goals. Don’t forget your “WHY”. If you don’t know why it’s important then the goal won’t connect with you on a personal level, it won’t be important and it’s unlikely you will achieve it. Write down what will have improved when you achieve your goal. How will it feel when your goal has been accomplished? Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words – hang a [...]
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    Numbers You Should Be Tracking

    To run a successful business, you’ve got to know your numbers and track them on a routine basis. Doing so helps to manage trends in your business and helps you to know on a regular basis, if you are on track to your goals and what, if anything needs to be adjusted or changed. Here is a list of numbers you should be tracking; Income vs Profit The company gross income less expenses, taxes, etc. will help to define your profit. Managing your expenses will model your company’s profitability. [...]
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    Big Scary Goals

    Sometimes big, scary over the top goals really push me out of my comfort zone. Recently I fessed up - I am a closet introvert. Yep, that's me, so big goals freak me out a bit. But that doesn't mean I don't want to achieve them.  With that said, and with the first quarter of 2015 almost done and the weather on defrost I thought it was a good time to review my progress. I’ll admit staying focused is more of a challenge than ever. But here are few key action steps I have found to keep moving [...]
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    At the Heart of a Blooming Business

    The term operations describes the processes and resources that you use to produce the highest quality products or services as efficiently as possible. By creating systems that drive operations excellence you can achieve your goals and live your Success. Business operations typically includes four key areas. Depending on the type of business, each has a specific degree of important to the success of that business; Location: Where you do business — physically and online, Equipment: The tools [...]
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    Women’s History Month – Create Your Legacy

    Women’s History Month ~ Create your Legacy Weaving the Stories of Women’s Lives is this year’s theme and gave me pause to look back at those who forged the path of opportunity we have today. Women like Rebecca Lukens, who in 1825 turned her family’s failing ironworks business into a thriving company or Clara and Lillian Westropp who in 1922 launched the first Women’s Savings & Loan. Then there’s Margaret Rudkin, whose bread recipe eventually launched the company we know as Pepperidge [...]