Smart Money Management is More Than a Checkbook Balance

In business, your objective is to create or promote products and services in exchange for an equal value of money and to keep more than you make. It’s that simple and its that complex.

There are so many moving pieces its hard to keep them all moving in the right direction. That’s why creating and using systems with consistency is key to your financial success.

Regardless of your product or service successful money management systems can help you track your business activity so you can make more and keep more of what you make.

In this module you’ll learn;

* How to manage your cash flow, by setting goals and budgeting

* How to monitor and manage trends that effect your business

* How to price your products and services properly

* How to pay off debts faster

* How to increase your profitability and productivity

* How to use tools and technology to get ahead of your finances

* How to use business financial planning services


Remember, what matter most is not what you make, its what you get to keep.

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Don’t Be a Commodity – Be an Experience

Technology has changed the way we do most everything, including the way we shop for products and services. In most cases customers can research their purchase, online at the drop of a hat and buy the same product or service from many sources, at other stores or online.

The laws of supply and demand are amplified and the consumer’s mindset has turned a product or service into a commodity.

This change of perspective has changed the way we service our customers, even for the small business or solopreneur.

High profile company’s have known this strategy for years; Nordstrom and The Four Season Hotel have built their reputation on creating personalized services and making their consumers feel like they are VIP.

In this module you’ll learn;

* How to create your VIP experience

* To rate your current customer experience and create a plan for change

* How to get more referrals

Customer are no longer buying products and services, they are buying an experience that makes them feel like a VIP.

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More Than Just a Sale

The moment a prospective lead recognizes your brand for the first time, the sales process has begun. When they enter the sales funnel there is an exchange of ideas and resources that ideally leads them to a sale. Its in this exchange, you are offering solutions and building your customer loyalty.

By creating a mindset of offering solutions rather than products you are already on the side of your ideal consumer with a commitment to do what’s best for them first and foremost. Creating trust is the first step in creating loyalty.

In this module, you will;

* Create a well defined sales strategy

* Create a sales process to nurture high quality relationships

* Identify sales activity that leads to a high conversion ratio

Finding solutions for your ideal customer makes you their trusted “go to” and creates a business model built on referrals from happy customers. Now, what could be better than that?

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What is Brand Development?

Think about the brands you use everyday. How do they make you feel?

Let’s use Apple as an example; We can agree, their name and icon has little to do with the world of technology. We can also agree they deliver the highest quality technology consistently and have created a level of trust and loyalty.

They have created a way of thinking that changed an entire world; an entire product line and an environment you didn’t even know you needed, until the day they launched their product. People stand in line for hours and spend thousands of dollars to get their latest and greatest creation.

This is an effective brand. And everything they do speaks clearly to their ideal audience; a busy person, with disposable income, focused on time, quality of life and speaks to their personal ego.

Their visual message including the appearance of the Apple store is bright, clean lines, creating a feeling of transparency, making it clear you can trust and depend on them – they will deliver.

This is brand building – its the layering of creating a desire, an emotional need, a visual appeal and an unspoken message that makes your ideal customer feel they can hardly live without you.

When you think about your brand? What do you want people to think, feel, do or say? What emotional connection can you create that makes you hard to live without.

In this module you will;

* Identify your competition as a resource to create and build your brand

* Define your brand gap and how to fill it with an appealing brand culture

* Define your brand value, message and focus

* Define your ideal client demographics and how to learn more about them

* Create a marketing outline to build and grow your brand appeal, recognition and make it stand out

Maybe your brand is the next “Apple”.

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Action is the Foundation of all Success

A Clearly Defined Business Master Plan Focused Your Personal & Professional Values Combined with Strategic Action is the #1 Key to Success!

Yes, there are other things to consider, but a master plan – an action plan is the first and most important step.

To create a valuable action plan – “be real” about where you are now. Think about it; every time you want to go somewhere, your path is determined by where you are at the moment.

Even if your end destination is the same, if you leave from your house, you’ll take one route and if you leave from your office you’ll have to take a different route. The same is true for your goals and your plans to achieve them.

Remember, the devil is truly in the details, especially when it comes to determining where you want your business to go. Lack of intention and detail are the two biggest reasons why people do not achieve success.

In this lecture series we’ll address those challenges with a step by step process, asking and answering all of the right questions and creating a clear path to get there wrapped around your your passion and your purpose and your goals;

  • Personal goals established through the L.I.V.E. Your Success Strategy
  • Professional goals to create business equity value
  • The Mission, values & vision you have created to build & manage your business

Much of what is required to completed a detailed and effective action plan is in the goal setting details. But goals are only wishes until you have a master plan and a course of action to achieve them.

In this module you will;

  • Define where you are now and where you want to go
  • Create clear mission, values and vision statements to identify your business objectives
  • Establish a master plan with action steps to achieve each goal
  • Use resources to complete your tasks daily, weekly and monthly

The modules and lectures to follow, in the Business Learning Center will continue to add even more valued resources to help you implement each area of your business master plan.

Finally, your master plan is a living breathing document. I encourage you to keep it front of mind, review it regularly and edit those areas and actions that may not fit your overall objectives.

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Success Means Something Different to Each of Us, What Does It Mean To YOU?

You would think this is an easy question to answer. But the fact it is one of the toughest questions you will answer in the entire course!

Over the years as a financial and business adviser I’ve asked the question hundreds of times and gotten hundreds of responses. There is one thing I’ve found to be true above all else; we align our ideals, with our passion even if that passion is somewhat unclear. Second, we take action on our purpose and allow our plan or our approach to develop from there.

Our Wise Chick L.I.V.E. Your Success Strategy is grounded in the basis of this concept and focused on four specific areas;

Each of these areas of focus forces you to define your biggest and most important priorities from there you can define your goals for each.

When it comes to equity – this is defined about creating and building something for the future. In the world of entrepreneurship, its your business.

Being a business owner is one of the hardest things you will ever do in your life and possibly one of the most rewarding. But the truth is success may not happen right away. And its hard to wait.

That’s why we begin the business planning with WHY. Why do you do what you do? Why did you start your own business? Why is it so important to you? If your short answer is money, I encourage you to go back to the drawing board. Money is not a reason good enough to give up your time, your energy and your resources. If its to help people, why do you want to help people? Something else is driving you

The deeper in thought that you allow yourself to go, the more likely you are to achieve your goals and have a successful business.

In this module you will;

* Set priorities focused on your lifestyle, income needs, personal and professional values and what you want for the future. The L.I.V.E. Success Strategy helps you to align the most important facets of your life and your business.

* Understand the 7 Secrets to L.I.V.E. Your Success and the habits they may get in your way. You will also learn bout the roadblocks you create in our mind that may hold you back.

* Use your clear vision of your business to establish your top 3 BIG Picture Plans for the year to achieve success and accomplish what matters most to you.

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Leadership and Business Success Go Hand in Hand

You can’t have one without the other. Even as a solopreneur, you need to be a good leader. In this module, you will learn;

* The traits and characteristics of a successful leader

* The type of leader you are and how to find your leadership style

* The characteristics of emotional intelligence and a good leader

* Why and how to think like a CEO (Chief Executive Owner)

You’ll also have access to some fantastic resources; from Harvard Business Review to Simon Sinek you will be inspired. And the DISC Assessment will help to gain a clear understanding of your leadership talents and how to make the most of them. And your challenges and how to work around them.

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Business Build – Her Master Class

The Master Class gives you a 360 degree approach to strategies and systems to build a better business. The Business Build-Her perspective offers a detailed look into your business knowledge, strategy, skill and systems giving a customized solution to get results.


  • Course #1 Leadership Development
  • Course #2 Personal and Professional Goal Setting
  • Course #3 Business Action Planning
  • Course #4 Brand Development
  • Course #5 Sales Strategies
  • Course #6 Customer Experience
  • Course #7 Financial Management Systems
  • Course #8 Tools, Technology & Time Management
  • Course #9 Hiring & Training (HR)
  • Course #10 Bonus download 100 Tips, Ideas & Inspiration.

Join the Wise Chick Professional Network and enjoy Master Class and other benefits for just $29 per month. The Business Build – Her Master Class LIVE session is open to members and is held on 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month from noon – 1:00pm at the Wise Chick offices and training center 55 S. Main Street, Suite 363, Naperville, IL.

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