June's Amazing Bundle of Business Resources

Everyone's favorite season is right around the corner. That means more fun outside. When you've got a pile on your desk, its a challenge to stay in doors. This month's bundle is about being more productive indoors so you can get outdoors.

First thing, first, set your goals this month and keep an eye on it. Make your priority lists of important matters for your business, may it be getting more leads and sales, improving your marketing plan, manage your finances and get more organized.
If you still find it hard to focus on what you really need, we got you covered! Wise Chick’s SWOT Analysis Mini Course can save the day for you. How it works? It will help you identify and internal review your business’ Strength, Weaknesses and external review of your Opportunity and Strength. Click here to learn more about our SWOT analysis.

Set SMART Goals my fellow wise chicks, and what I mean by being Smart is by having goals that are Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant and Timely. Click here to download our SMART GOAL mini course that we tailored just for you

The Wise Chick App
Get ready in the next coming weeks as we launch the Wise Chick App where you can access all of the member benefits right from your phone to build a better business.

Choosing the right tools and apps for your needs matter to your daily business routine because the apps you choose will speak for yourself and how you manage your time effectively. Choose the right apps and it will lead you to the right way of doing your business.

P.S. Wise Chick Members, be sure to join me for our next Master Class, Tuesday, June 6 I'll share my list of over 20 of the best tools for everything from, social media, blogging, project management, email marketing, design tools, to websites and the list goes on and on....

Here's How to Max Your Work Hours To Get More Done

Time is precious just like gold that’s why here in Wise Chick Network we won’t waste your time. We created a short audio/video about How to Create a Model Week just for you. This is a tried and tested tool to help you be more productive. Take the challenge and thank me later.

A good entrepreneur doesn’t stop at setting your goals, it takes a village of great sets of habits to be a highly effective entrepreneur.

Here’s the Wise Chick’s top lists of habits to be successful in your business:

•Effectively Managing Time - Limited time spent on social media – use technology programs to manage posts. Limited time watching TV – Successful people watch 4 hours or less daily.
•Time in Meetings – Specific time is allocated for each meeting and they keep to it. Create an agenda for each meeting you host.
•Maintain a High Priority & Highly Organized Task List – They create systems to manage priority tasks.
•Their goals and financial management drive their actions – They have consistent systems to monitor their progress. They make decisions based on facts and data that drive results in their business
•They are focused on thinking rather than doing and hire out all low impact tasks

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